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14th October 2005

4:46pm: a tear and a tear
jon be nimble
but not anymore
paul has slipped
pivot then tore
if trouble comes triple
i'm done for the year
forever a cripple
a tear and a tear

rod's gay.

8th October 2005

7:04pm: sometimes when I am at work and nobody is around I go look at womens clothing because it has much more variety and is fun to look at.

...of course I feel like a complete fag if I get caught.

co-worker - "Hey whacha lookin at?"

me - "Ummmm... birthday present...for..my gir..sister"
Current Mood: gay

7th October 2005

9:35pm: fairy!

Current Mood: contemplative

24th September 2005

8:13pm: nice Rod...nice
This is a story of three friends, two brothers and a lot of turkey burgers.This is not scripted, not rehearsed, and not a game.

this is 921.

spring 06

17th September 2005

3:01pm: mariomazing
that new nintendo controller gives me erections.

16th September 2005

7:06pm: Now Playing



go see.


29th August 2005

10:46pm: ha

27th August 2005

9:27pm: bye bye crazy free time.
hello textbook.

19th August 2005

8:57pm: Remember in Jurassic Park 3 when that Spinasaurus Egyptacus swallowed that satellite phone and Dr. Grant and the gang could hear the jingle when the dino was near.
Yeah well there is this sneaky security guard at work that everybody is creeped out by... so I was thinking I could hide a cell phone in his beefaroni hot lunch, then every 5 minutes at work I could call the number that way the bastard won't scare the poop out of all of us.

on another note.

the Bruce Campbell thingy last night was fantastic! He is everything I expected and MORE!!! Rod knows what I mean. The bitch can do anything! He needs to pick up stand up comedy...funny bastard! My only regret is that I would have brought something evil dead for him to sign...wait wait and I wish the camera guy would have taken a photo rather than f-ing crap quality movie, what is the point of that garbage anyhow?

Tonight, hangin out with my sistas from work... only for maybe an hour at benneegans on way home. I just realized I never write shit like this so now I will STOP!
Current Mood: content

12th August 2005

7:45pm: guide
positive + positive = positive(preferred)
negative + positive = negative
negative + negative = positive

1st August 2005

1:57pm: and that's that
Current Mood: amused

30th July 2005

5:15pm: ok., so yes ... the zombie post was definitely important....


I just found out that....


happy happy happy happy happy !!

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun !!

Happy fun Happy fun Birthday !!!!!!!!!

celebrate ! <3 jp
Current Mood: ecstatic
3:41pm: dead dogs reamimated !!!

OMG!!!! Real zombies !!! holy shit !!!


http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,15739502-13762,00.html *********************************************************** http://login.tvi.edu/~rmontoya42/4483241.stm.htm

29th July 2005

6:00pm: wowowowowowowowow
da dada na da nana da daaaaaaaa!

I could sit and stare at them for hours !!!

those are some amazing balls !!!
Current Mood: cheerful

22nd July 2005

9:31pm: serious
From now on I am not taking anything seriously.

Unless it involves something that is keeping me from not taking anything seriously.


20th July 2005

1:24am: celebrate !!!!
Happy bday mr ROD !!! -------------------------------------------------- I could not get the gift to post on the journal so you hafta go see it !!!!----------------------- goto --------------- http://www.chuckwear.com/storage.htm-------------- for a special tribute to our buddy !!!

16th July 2005

3:10pm: little thing
I have come up with a simple yet ingenius plan on motivating yourself to go to work.

On the drive to the dreadful hell, tell yourself that when you arrive you are aloud one snickers bar out of the vending machine. Ask whomever is near for the 70 cents that is needed. Buy the bar, sit, and enjoy the gooey goodness!

p.s. If you are allergic to peanuts, I am sorry your s.o.l.
Current Mood: full

9th July 2005

5:45pm: decipher this ... or try
I'm like captain kirk
just without a captains chair
don't you really care?

6th July 2005

9:18pm: behold! the keystone!
well, apparently
all likes to post when Rod does
all, including me

ps - if you have not downloaded google earth yet. you should!

it's the closest you'll come to being a cia operative.

4th June 2005

3:29pm: my toystore ---->homedepot
new ! Chuck Pictures Section on www.chuckwear.com

hi everybody!!! especially secretblog !

14th May 2005


(the following should be sung while read)



with all that birthday money, you gotta be rich!

put on a smile ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY BITCH !

(and mark too)

25th April 2005

8:59pm: hot dirty drunk wavy grunge kinda thing, with a hat
the Thing lurks this way
Kurt Russel + flame thrower
no more Thing, bye bye

CELL DOG-------> #

CELL INTRUDER -------> @


CELL DOG INTRUDER --------> #@

percent nobody will know what this is about:


2nd April 2005

3:39pm: time to reign
no more can I say "Yes, John Paul like the Pope"

I was wearing my Pope shirt while he died...strange.

maybe they will auction off his little hat? I would buy it.

anyhow, rest in peace old buddy.
Current Mood: sad
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